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The initial website investment is enough in and of itself to secure your site from the start. Plagiarism, malicious software, door-to-door attacks, and reference spam are just a few of the persistent threats waiting to take advantage of your server, visitor data, and the technical backbone of your website.

Future financial success, customer confidence, and the stability of your entire website are all at jeopardy as a result of these security threats. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best wordpress plugin for security to block any potential intrusions.

Using these security plugins on a website is equivalent to taking a precaution and setting up an alarm system. This exciting new investment may require a significant accounting, inspection fees, and a hypothecation. For an investment of such magnitude, wouldn’t you want to protect it as best you could ? We’re going to specifically address it in this piece.

First best wordpress plugin for security : Sucuri Security

The Sucuri Security plugin offers free and paid versions, although most websites should be satisfied with the free version. For instance, the website’s security policy mandates that you purchase a Sucuri subscription, but not all website administrators see the need for this level of security.

In terms of the extension’s free features, an evaluation of security measures is included to determine how well it protects your website.

She has a monitoring of the blocking lists, a supervision of the integrity of the files, security alerts, and a strengthening of security. Premium plans open up customer service channels and more frequent evaluations. For instance, you could desire that an analysis be done every 12 hours.

Tarification Sucuri offers a free plan and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you upgrade to a more expensive plan but decide you don’t like it.


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Plans :

Here are the premium plans :

  • Basic firewall : $9,99 / month
  • Pro firewall : 19.98 dollars / month
  • 199,99 dollars per month for the base platform (cleanups, analytics, firewall, and CDN).
  • Platform Pro: $299 / month
  • Business Platform: $499.99 / month

Qualities :

Sucuri Security has the following qualities that make it a great choice :

  • She provides a variety of SSL certificate options. They are paid, however they are included in the packages.
  • A ticketing system, email, and live chat are all ways that customers can contact customer support.
  • When anything does not happen on your website, you are immediately notified.
  • In some plans, advanced DDoS protection is available.
  • Even if you choose not to pay, you will still receive useful tools for maintaining security, monitoring block lists, hunting for malicious software, monitoring file integrity, and strengthening security.
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