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Google AdSense approval, if you’re a blogger or YouTuber, you’ve probably already reached this point. This is the issue that all beginners on online business run across. Personally, it took me three months to wait for Google AdSense to approve my first website.

In actuality, every blogger’s dream is to get AdSense approved for their new website and make money from their contents or videos. And it is the best way to monetize his website or his YouTube channel.

In this article, I’ll guide you step by step to how to get approved adsense 2022 quickly for your new website thanks to my personal experiences and research.

In other words, AdSense is Google’s advertising system that uses YouTube videos or web pages as a platform for its advertisements.

You need a website, blog, or YouTube channel in order for Google to place ads on your contents that you can make money with Google AdSense. Additionally, you receive money when a visitor clicks on an advertisement.

More clicks will result in more revenue being generated.

How to get approved adsense for a new website in 2022

Many factors come into play in order to receive Google AdSense approval. So here are the requirements to fulfill in order to be accepted by Google AdSense :

1. Use a trustworthy domain

How to get approved adsense ? First, having a paid domain, such as Yes, having a real and paid domain makes you more professional and increases your chances of being accepted. I’m not saying that you must have a paid domain, but you will have less success if you use subdomains like those on blog plateform free Blogger or WordPress.
The administrator will view your account favorably if you buy a domain from blog host plateform, and use a custom domain name.

On or hostinger, you can find a domain name easily. Additionally, you can choose a plan less cheaper on LWS. It won’t cost you more than 60 €.

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2. High-quality and engaging content

This section concern primarily bloggers.

You must understand that creating higher-quality content is important for keeping visitors on your website.

Well, that’s true; it’s one of the requirements for how to get approved Google AdSense.

You need to create high-quality content. Avoiding typographical errors, paying attention to punctuation, etc. And most importantly, make sure your content is easily readable.

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A good article needs to be at least 500 words in length.

However, you need write at least 1500 words to have a good search engine ranking. Additionally, it depends on your niche.

Make sure you have at least twenty-five or more well-written, high-quality articles before applying for Google AdSense. Don’t forget to include photographs in your articles.

Use only free copyright images for the photographs. You can find free pictures on Pexels.

One of the many reasons that many people get rejected from the AdSense program is that their content is insufficient.

Make sure your website or blog doesn’t contain any prohibited content.

Examples of prohibited content include: material intended for adults, malicious software, incitement to hatred, espionage, etc. You may view the contents list here.

It is important to keep in mind that a human will manually review your website and should be able to identify certain efforts made to provide high-quality content.

Don’t forget to create between 4 and 5 categories on the website.

3. Having all legal pages

Your website must contain a few legal reference pages. This serves to demonstrate your regard for site visitors and your handling of their personal data. Google takes great care to protect its users’ personal data, and you should too.

Here are the five pages that your website must contain to get adsense approved :

The majority of newcomers neglect to follow this kind of fundamental model.

The « About us » page tells you who is responsible for the site’s security. And the contact »Contact us » page allow visitors to get in touch with you in case of a violation or for other reasons.

4. Avoid using content on your site that is subject to authorship rights protection

You probably copy and past contents of others website in order to go quickly ! P ay attention because this is both considered as illegal and plagiarized.

Avoid that at all costs, please !

In addition, for Google, the respect for authorship rights is very important.
If you want to join the Google AdSense program, you must under no circumstances use any content that is protected by intellectual property rights, or including any photographs, in your blog posts. Use the free photos on Pexels that I mentioned a little earlier.

However, it is completely legal for you to get inspiration from other websites’ content to create your own content.

5. Having a quick and responsive website.

Your website must be responsive in order to guarantee a positive user experience. This means that your website’s display will be automatically adjusted to visitors’ devices such as smartphones, tablets, large screens, etc.

Google wants to ensure a positive user experience for each and every visitor to your site, and you should make every effort to achieve this.

You can use responsive website design tools, such as WordPress.

Make sure your website has a beautiful and straightforward design to make it easy for visitors to navigate.
You must also take into account the fast loading of your site. That is to say, it is fast charging on all devices.

It’s also vital to note that using a free theme will have no impact on your application whether you use WordPress or another CMS.

Personally, I use free themes on every site I run, and Google AdSense has approved all of my sites. Exemple of thme i user is Astra.

6. Do not display any additional advertisements

My site was rejected when I made the first request for it since it already had other advertisements on it. I believe that some of the reasons that AdSense rejected my site were due to the advertisements.
Remove all other announcements from your website before submitting the request for approval.

In summary, try to avoid having additional advertisements displayed on your website while Google AdSense is reviewing your account.

7. Preventing fake traffic

All websites initially struggle to attract visitors. Some people will click on their own website or ask their friends to do it in order to increase traffic. It’s a bad way, and Google doesn’t like it.

You should be writing quality content for search engine optimization. To increase traffic, you may always share your articles on social media platforms.
You should be aware that traffic is essential for AdSense and the other advertising networks you have available to you if you want to monetize your website.

Therefore, it’s important to have traffic before submitting an Google AdSense. With at least 100 daily visits, everything are already OK!

This will put you in a better position to make your AdSense account approved.

8. Your name’s domain’s age

My first website was approved after my domain had been active for seven months. And my other website was approved after three months.

According to my research, the majority of bloggers claim that their domains had been active for at least three months when he was approved by Google Adsense.

Therefore, if you want to apply for Google Adsense, make sure that your website has been up for at least three months.

You can use to check the age of your domain.

However, I’ve read that in some countries, the domain must have been active for at least six months before AdSense can approve it.

9. Check to see if your website is online and accessible on Google.

Make sure your website is accessible on Google before seeking approval. In other words, your site would appear in the search results if you typed the name of your website into Google’s search field.

To be sure, type for example into the search field from and replace my domain with yours. If your website appears in the results, everything is good for you. Alternatively, add your website to Google Search Console.

Finally, make sure your website is operational. This means that someone can access your website and that your host is not blocked.

10. Register for a Google AdSense account

Notice that you cannot postulate without a Google AdSense account.

However, be sure to provide correct information about yourself while setting up your AdSense account. For instance, if you live in New York, please provide your specific address as well as your post office box. Avoiding opening an account in a country other than your own.
In either case, if you give false information, you’ll get caught in the trap! Because Google will send you a message including a validation number in the mail after approving your account.

If you commit fraud, you won’t ever receive the validation code, and after four months, Google will stop displaying advertisements on your website. That’s why you must follow all steps on this article « How to get approved adsense« .

So if you do everything i listed to how to get approved adsense, the evaluation of your website will take between 1 and 15 days. I submitted my first website on Sunday at 16 hours, and on Monday at 11 hours, I received AdSense approval.


I have now fully explained the steps I use to get AdSense approval for my websites. If you have implemented all I’ve mentioned and described, AdSense will fully approve your site.

It’s important to remember that Google updates its terms of service frequently, and the approval procedure could alter at any time.

You can get in touch with me or my team for expert support if you run into problems to how to how to get approved adsense.