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If you frequently work with photos, you’re probably familiar with Canva. It’s one of the most widely used graphic design tools right now. You may make your image stand out by adding calques. This is useful if you want to add a filigrane to your shot, create marketing materials for a business, or are just feeling creative. Continue reading this post to learn how to get a transparent background on canva.
Different photos and designs can be combined with a transparent background. It only takes a few simple steps to develop a professional image. With Canva, you can experiment with the transparency levels to make your work stand out and attract attention.

Un translucent background can help you to stand out from the crowd when creating images of yourself or someone else. Your appearance won’t come across as cluttered and disorganized, but rather as professional and alluring.

You may highlight and draw attention to certain parts of the image by including transparency into your backplane.

How to get transparent background on canva

Canva offers a free version that you may use to create anything you want and offers several free models to test out. However, you must pay if you want to create a transparent background on Canva.

You have the option of using Canva Pro or Canva Enterprise. Canva Pro is designed for teams working on the growth and expansion of an organization. After the first 30 days, you must purchase a subscription in order to continue using it. Canva Enterprise is designed for large organizations with at least 20 users. To verify it, you can get a demo from Canva’s website.

Let’s review the steps for making a transparent foundation:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Canva account.
  2. Select the image that you want to work with.

how to get transparent background on canva
At this point, you must remove the image’s color or background layer. Click on « Effets » in the top right corner of your toolbar. Tap « Background Remover » to activate. After eliminating the back-plan calque, you can make your concept more transparent.

Please click the download icon in the upper right corner.

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You must now decide on the image file type for your image. Make sure that « PNG » is selected so that you can have a translucent background.

You will see a cover case next to « Transparent background » under « Options Pro. » Check the case. If you don’t do it, your image will have a white background.

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Click on « Download ».

How can the background of an existing Canva image be made transparent ?

Even though they appear to be so similar, making an image’s background transparent and making one’s own background transparent are not the same thing. In this situation, you adjust your image’s backplan, typically to make your text stand out on the first plan.

  1. Using Canva
  2. Select the image that you want to work with.
  3. Consider the rear-projection image.
  4. Look for the damier-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the photograph. This is the transparency button. You will see a cursor that moves from 0 to 100.


Make the cursor move in the direction you like. Transparency can be increased by dragging the slider to 0. If you want to increase the opacity, slide it to 100.

Click on « Download ».

How to make a Canva object translucent

If you want to achieve the best effect when combining many images into one or adding a text area to an image, you should probably make it at least partially transparent. Here’s how to proceed :

  • Select the part of the image or text you want to be transparent.
  • A menu will appear next to the image. You will see a flèche on the right side of the menu; click there to access additional options. Consider « Transparency. »

Adjust the transparency cursor.

Once the degree of transparency of your object has been determined, you can either move further with your design or download it.

How do I use a translucent background on an image in Canva ?

Once you’ve established a translucent background for your image, you may use it to superimpose it on other photos. If you design an organization logo or include a filigrane in your concept, you’ll use it frequently. Download the picture from Canva and place it on top of your preferred image or design.